Frequently Asked Questions


What Is Wellness Coaching?

Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching is a process that guides you to your desired goals in health, happiness and fitness. I, the coach, am your partner on this journey.

My training has taught me to empower you and to create sustainable change. I will guide you to lasting change in your mindset and behavior, but I firmly believe you have the answers within you to create the life and health habits you want. It is my job to elicit them, and I do that by listening, clarifying the issues, focusing on solutions and helping you set clear goals so you can be as healthy as you’ve always wanted to be. It is a supportive partnership that brings out the best in you.

Is Wellness Coaching Right For Me?

If you have tried to lose weight, eat better, manage your stress or attempted to stay on an exercise program but did not keep it up, then having a coach to help you create a plan may very well get you great results. Most of us need guidance and support to reverse longstanding habits and make lasting positive changes in our lives! Health coaching is an investment in YOU first, but it also has positive effects on your relationships, your work, your medical costs and your future as a whole!

If you are sick of not improving your health goals, then a wellness coach is for you. If what you are doing is not working, change what you are doing. A coach is a great change to make if you are stuck in a rut!

Where Was Mira Trained?

In 2015, I became a certified Integrative Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) so I could continue pursuing my interest in wellness and holistic living. For many years I have considered myself a student of nutrition because I have been a lover of all things natural so going to IIN set this passion on fire. When I transitioned from being a health care administrator to a health coach, I knew that I was on the path to finding what makes my heart smile.

What Happens in a Coaching Session?

Depending on if you hire Mira for Personal or even Corporate coaching, her methods are holistic and all-encompassing!

Will Our Conversations Be Confidential?

Absolutely. I respect the confidentiality of my clients’ information – both on any submitted forms and during our conversations – except as otherwise authorized by my client, or as required by law.

What areas do you serve?

I provide personal and corporate health coaching services in the DMV area- Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia. I also provide virtual sessions for those not in the area.